Crane Yoga

It isn't about what the asana is.
Let the asana work for you.

Why Crane Yoga?
The crane was selected as my yoga spirit guide, as cranes are symbols of happiness, good fortune, and longevity.
They are fluid and graceful. Coming from Nebraska and having March as my birth month always meant that the Sandhills crane migration was a bit of a present to me.

During flight, the crane achieves extraordinary height,
often to see “great distances ahead” or to foresee danger (Johnsgard 71).

I’ll update you more on my selection of the crane as I get my business underway.
Until then, do as the cranes do, and follow your crane leader, me, as a yoga student.

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Johnsgard, Paul A. “Cranes of the World: 8. Cranes in Myth and Legend.” Cranes of the World. (January 1983).